Our Food

About Us:

Jesse McCleery, Chef

Originally from Winnipeg, Jesse McCleery began his culinary career at the age of 15 working in his home city’s best restaurants. Moving to British Columbia in 2000, Jesse has since worked in some of the province’s top restaurants and resorts. Having spent a combined five seasons in Clayoquot Sound and the Great Bear Rainforest, he has developed a deep respect for the coastal waters and forests. Continually searching and questioning ideas in food and our relationship with our environment, Jesse made the inspiring journey to Denmark to spend the winter in the kitchen of Copenhagen’s acclaimed restaurant Noma. Returning west with new ideas and a reinforced vision, Jesse, with Leanne, set forth on opening pilgrimme, where his philosophies and ethics are given life working with the growers and artisans of Galiano Island.

Providers & Partners

    • Galiano Sunshine Farm – Galiano Island, BC

    • Cable Bay Farm – Galiano Island, BC

    • Zaklan Heritage Farm – Surrey, BC

    • Cropthorne Farm – Delta, BC

    • Clearsky Organics – Galiano Island, BC

    • Mount Sutil Farm – Galiano Island, BC

    • Galiano Food Forest – Galiano Island, BC

    • Flourist – Vancouver, BC

    • F.I.S.H. – Richmond, BC

    • F.A.S. – Victoria, BC

    • Stockade Farm – Galiano Island, BC

    • Janaki Larsen Ceramics – Vancouver, BC

    • Bodega Art Gallery & Ceramics – Salt Spring Island, BC

    • Rachel Saunders Ceramics – Victoria, BC

    • IF Ceramics – Galiano Island, BC

    • Catkin Forest Farm — Galiano Island, BC